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15 Hottest Weather Girls From Around the World

What’s hotter? The weather or the weather girls? Tough to say. Does it even matter what the weather is when these hotties are on television? Some say global warming is due to these bodacious babes. Whether the weather is hot or cold we can count on something being hot!  Here is a list of the top 15 hottest weather girls around the world.

1. Sugey Abrego

Source: Iconosquare

Sugey Abrego is the sexiest weather girl in the world. With a body like that and eyes that capture you at first site it was not a difficult decision. She broadcasts weather to the local Mexican network Canal 4. There might be a 50% chance of rain, but there is always a 100% chance of sexiness.

2. Yanet Garcia

Source: Iconosquare

It isn’t surprising that there are more people catching the weather these days. When you see that Yanet Garcia is broadcasting that might be your answer. This Mexican goddess has been compared to Kim Kardashian, but isn’t the butt of all joke.. Get it?

3. Cristina Blackwell

Source: Appreciation Of Booted News Women

Cristina is one of the sexiest weather girls and although only lasted a couple months as one still made it to the top of the list. She only lasted six months as weather girl on Univision’s hit show Despierta America. That was enough time for America to see what a bombshell she is.

4. Chita Johnson

Source: Iconosquare

Chita is the weather girl for KHOU 11 News and it such a delight to see in the mornings. She is a California girl and was named Best Media Personality for the past two years. She is more than a pretty face; she received her AMS seal of approval and National Weather Association Seal of Approval as members.

5. Mayte Carranco

Source: Iconosquare

Is it hot in Mexico or is it Mayte Carranco and the skin tight short dresses she wears to present the weather? In 2008 on Asylum website she won hottest weather girl in the world with a whopping 47,000 votes. She was even on the cover of Hombre Magazine in 2011. People don’t just watch the news for the weather forecast…

6. Ariane Brodier

Source: Iconosquare

This French beauty brings a little European flavor to this list and as if her body wasn’t sexy by itself, her accent is just as sexy. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, what more could you ask for? Does anyone even hear what the weather is when shes reporting it? Hard to hear anything with looks like that. She’s even a columnist and co-presenter on various shows in France

7. Zelenny Ibarra

Source: Iconosquare

Zelenny is currently in Multimedia Group reporting the weather in a sexy way. She is known for her short sexy dresses. Unfortunately, but fortunately for her she is married. She’s even a professional, being in the industry for more than 10 years.  There’s no such thing as bad weather when such a beauty is presenting it.

8. Evelyn Taft

Source: Iconosquare

Evelyn is not just another one of those blonde meteorologists that can be seen on television, she is pretty intelligent. She speaks Russian and is even a hot new mom. Hot mom check in! Evelyn recently returned to CBS 2 News after having her daughter and is even hotter than ever.

9. Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson 6
Source: blogspot

This sexy Los Angeles all American is the weather forecaster and television personality for KCBS TV News. Her sexiness evens comes through the radio when she presents the weather on KNX1070 in Los Angeles. Not only does she have the looks, she has the brain too. She obtained her degree in broadcast journalism from Tennessee State University.

10. Melissa Theuriau

Source: Iconosquare

Melissa Theuriau is not only famous for being the news anchor for M6, she has also became an internet phenomenon with videos of her reading news because she was voted one of the world’s most beautiful news reporter. The French tabloid even published pictures of her topless at a beach. Maybe she was presenting the weather?

11. Marilu Kaufman

Marilu Kaufman
Source: photobucket

Marilu is the presenter of the weather forecast at millennium Multimedios Television News. She presents the weather in Monterrey, Mexico. Not only is she up before sunrise for the weather, she also boxes before work. She’s caliente and can kick your ass too! She states that keeping fit is a top priority for herself.

12. Jackie Guerrido

jackie guerrido
Source: blacksportsonline

Born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido earned her primary education there. After high school the Puerto Rican princess moved with her family to New York City and graced us with her presence. She received her education from the University of Miami and became the meteorologist for the Morning News at Channel 23. As if Miami was wasn’t hot enough.

13. Bri Winkler

Source: Iconosquare

Bri Winkler is the weekend morning meteorologist and even the general assignment reporter for ABC 7 News. She has all the beauty and brains. She graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Marine and atmospheric science. In 2012 Bri even suffered a stroke and made it a point to spread awareness that it can happen to anyone at any age.

14. Sian Welby

sian welby
Source: youtube

Sian Welby is a sexy English television presenter for Channel 5, ITV, and Channel 4. Not only is she hot, she is multitalented. She is also a columnist for OK! Magazine. She even created her own documentary, Sarah Storey’s Longest Hour on Channel 4 in 2015. Is it legal to be this hot and talented?

15. Gabriela Grechi

Gabriela Grechi
Source: express.co.uk

Gabriela Grechi debuted as the TG4 weather girl and grabbed many people’s attention. Many male viewers made it a habit to tune in to watch her forecasts in the skimpiest of outfits at 6:55 each night. She now has a Youtube channel where she talks about Jadorele makeup, which includes her makeup, beauty, and trends. But who needs makeup with a body like that?

Source: http://mydotcomrade.com/hottest-weather-girls

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